American Biomass & Trading Company, LLC. is poised to be the leader in the global supply chain in the timber and alternative fuel markets. With over 80 years of experience in the timber and energy markets, AB&T has a unique ability to source, supply, & transport its services to North & South America, UK, Europe and Asia.

AB&T's headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida which gives it great access and relationships to the timber market in the United States. With AB&T's own portfolio of assets combined with its partnerships across the globe, AB&T has the ability to meet the increasing demand of both the timber and energy markets worldwide.

The mission of the founding partners is to find ways to decrease the world's dependency on fossil fuel in a responsible and economical manner. Our partners and managers view environmental stewardship as one of its corporate responsibilities. AB&T is committed to finding effective, long term, market based solutions to the fuel and timber industry.